A TIME of transition.

Anticipating our clients’ needs for a secure future

Strengthening family bonds.

Trust and estate services is so much more than simply planning for an ultimate transfer of wealth. By carefully crafting, formalizing, and administering wealth allocation plans, family relationships are strengthened, and conflicts minimized.

As a corporate fiduciary, Trust Company of Illinois assists families transition their wealth and puts clients’ interests first. We proudly serve families along life’s journeys and provide client-centric support throughout the generations.


How we can serve you and your family.


You may be ready to outsource the administrative tasks that come with the position of trustee. By choosing the Trust Company as trustee, you and your loved ones gain the experience of a professional fiduciary while avoiding the personal liability and potential problems that may occur when selecting a non-professional.


For some families, the right trustee relationship includes a family member and the Trust Company serving as co-trustees. This partnership allows for family involvement with the added assurance of a professional's expertise, objectivity and oversight.


You may want to retain the decision-making authority granted to you through a trust. By naming the Trust Company as agent for trustee, you retain the control you desire but outsource the daily work in managing a trust account. As agent for trustee, we follow the instructions and decisions made by you as trustee and perform the complex duties of administering the trust account.


If you have created a testamentary trust or are serving as trustee for your own revocable trust, selecting the Trust Company as a successor or future trustee provides a safety net. We will stand by, ready to deliver professional administrative services to you and your beneficiaries.


By naming the Trust Company as executor or co-executor with a family member, we carefully shepherd your estate from the moments immediately following death through the probate process. We take over the estate tasks and responsibilities that weigh heavily on individuals and families wading through an already difficult time of transition.

Trust services and retirement plan services are provided by the Trust Company of Illinois, a trust company chartered by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

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