The Four Core Investment Principles

Our four core investment principles serve as the foundation for gaining a deeper understanding of our client, providing insights that matter and being intentional in developing our goal-based approach to investing. They set the framework for our advisors as they strive to provide objective advice through client-centered investment plans.

Calculate Forward-Looking Expectations

Market behavior is driven by a variety of factors ranging from fundamentals to valuation levels to human sentiment. Our forward-looking approach accounts for the many influences on market behavior, enabling us to gain a prudent picture of the future and make solid investment decisions.

The 3 Pillars of Forward-Looking Expectations

Client Profile

- Goals
- Current assets
- Cash flows (inflows and spending)
- Risk tolerance
- Time horizon

Wealth Forecasting

- Simulated and stress tested
- Outcome using forward-looking capital market assumptions

Probability based outcomes

- What are the outcomes of our decisions?
- How will they impact reaching our goals?

Identify Asset Allocations & Locations

Asset allocation is critical in constructing investment portfolios that are diverse across asset classes or account types and registrations. Asset classes are thoughtfully selected based on their potential contributions over short- and long-term timeframes. Return expectations, risk tolerances, income needs and timelines are guide rails for determining asset mixes. These factors are instrumental in our financial planning process and asset allocation modeling services. TC Wealth Partners provides guidance and implementable solutions across a broad variety of asset classes, strategies and investment vehicles.

A breadth of solutions

Global Economies

- Equities
- Fixed Income
- Complementary strategies
- Cash

Asset Classes

- Domestic
- International
- Emerging markets

Capitalization Ranges

- Large cap
- Mid cap
- Small cap
- Micro cap

Investment Styles

- Core
- Growth
- Value

Investment Vehicles

- Individual stocks
- Individual bonds
- Mutual funds
- ETFs
- Limited partnerships
- Separately managed accounts

Determine Portfolio Constructions

This often overlooked facet of portfolio management is crucial to increasing the probability of achieving desired outcomes. Depending on specific goals, active or passive management strategies can be more or less appealing to a client. Determining the construction of a portfolio is an important decision based on individual needs and preferences. It is our belief that any firm that dogmatically recommends one approach over another is doing the client a disservice.

Build a Disciplined Buy & Sell Framework

A focused effort on understanding the elements of cause and effect in the behavioral finance field is instrumental in our investment process. This philosophy is complemented by our comprehensive due diligence efforts that entails vetting new managers and strategies, while systematically reviewing and monitoring existing holdings.

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